Do I qualify?

Reliable is creative and can provide a solution to most clients' mortgage financing needs.  See below as to the types of mortgages and clients that we lend to.  If your situation is not listed, contact us and we will see if we can refer you to someone who can help you.

What we will lend on:

  • Residential & small commercial – purchases, equity takeout & refinance
  • Leaseholds, co-ops, stratas, & bridge financing
  • Rentals, vacation property & serviced land
  • Remediated grow-ops & purchase of previous grow-ops
  • Partial interest – mortgage your portion of the title
  • Mobiles on owned land
  • Renovations & Construction (Single Family Dwellings)


Who we will lend to:

  • Salaried, commissioned, & seasonal workers
  • Self-employed //p  d
  • Credit impaired 
  • New immigrants & non-residents 
  • Current or previous foreclosures
  •  Proposal to creditor & discharged bankruptcy
  • Divorcing, Separating Couples
  • Power of Attorney
  • Corporate Borrowers
  •  Retired