The Who and The What

Reliable is creative and can provide a solution to most clients' mortgage financing needs. 

See below as to the types of deals and clients that we lend to.

The What:

  • Residential & small commercial – purchases, equity takeout & refinance
  • Leaseholds, co-ops, stratas, & bridge financing
  • Rentals, vacation property & serviced land
  • Remediated grow-ops & purchase of previous grow-ops
  • Partial interest – mortgage your client’s portion of the title
  • Mobiles on owned land
  • Renovations & Construction (SFD)



The Who:

  • Self-employed 
  • Credit impaired 
  • New immigrants & non-residents 
  • Current or previous foreclosures
  •  Proposal to creditor & discharged bankruptcy
  • Divorcing, Separating Couples
  • Power of Attorney
  • Corporate Borrowers
  • Retired

NOTE: We do not lend on Native leased land, Boats, Automobiles or Mobile Homes (unless they are on owned property)