What Mortgage Brokers are saying...

I have been using Reliable Mortgages for many years. They say what they will do and do what they say. It is a pleasure to work with Jessica, Dale and Jim. I am always treated fairly and my clients are treated with respect. We are able to provide financing where other lenders have failed. ~ Allan Seltzer, AMP, Verico Complete Mortgage Services Inc.

We always have fantastic service from Reliable Mortgages, Jim, Jessica and Dale are great! They are very knowledgeable, know mortgages and can always give you a quick reply and fair pricing. Definitely a lender you want to have in your book of private lenders. ~ Susan Zanders, Senior Mortgage Broker, Verico Zanders & Assoc. Mortgage Brokers Inc

It is always a pleasure dealing with Reliable for our more ‘interesting’ files.  Dale and Jessica are always willing to work with us to see if there is a deal to be worked.  I find the rates fair, and dealing with Reliable very straight forward and easy.  Thank you again for all your help, and look forward to continued business far into the future! ~ Gabe Hoffart, AMP Gibbard Hoffart Financial Group Inc. 

Reliable Mortgages Inc. is a really easy private company to deal with.  They go above and beyond to assist my clients with their needs.  I have never had a decline for a client, there is always some type of a solution.  I recommend them to all of my brokers when they have a private deal. ~ Jan Dale, Dominion Lending Centres Mountain View Ltd.

I have been dealing with Reliable Mortgages for many years, as a mortgage broker that specializes in Private Mortgages I look for a lender that can give me quick answers, common sense conditions and fair pricing and Reliable meets these requirements for me. ~ Neil Beaumont A.M.P., Dreyer Group Mortgages  

Reliable Mortgage is a great company that knows how to get a deal done.  Their staff is friendly and helpful.  Reliable mortgage is my #1 private lender and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them highly. ~ Dave Bruynesteyn, AMP, Invis